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10:34pm 31/07/2006
  Hey, don't know if this is allowed here, if it isn't just delete it.

I've set up a new community over at Undieppreciated dedicated to discussion of all stuff undies related, and I was wondering if you guys wanted to become affiliated, it'd be awesome.

Like I say, if I'm being a community whore just let me know :D
11:08am 13/11/2005
11:27am 23/02/2004
02:17pm 19/02/2004

Swimming costume advertisement, Australia, 1968.
Note that brief-style costumes were still unacceptable on public beaches.
Man, I love that "Imitations leopard fur with Roman Rings"...
03:16pm 30/01/2004

I know nothing about this image - but it's my all-time favourite!
09:00pm 09/01/2004

"Loincloth" panel over lycra pouch