Animal-Print Underwear

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

Grrrrrowl! - Animal-Print Underwear
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Animal-Print Underwear.

You live in it, you love it, it drives you insane with desire!

The fine print:
Post pictures of yourself or others in animal-print undies. This is an open community, so no porn please (erotica is fine if tasteful). Comments are restricted to friends only - flamers will have their membership revoked. People who post inappropriate content [porn or any item that doesn't fit the subject] will be suspended from posting and sent a "please explain" e-mail. Please do not claim images you didn't take as your own: offenders will be referred to the LiveJournal Abuse Team. Historical images are okay and encouraged. Links to commercial sites ("where to buy") are okay if discrete. Blatant spam will be deleted and the offender barred from posting permanently. Real fur from "exotic" animals is acceptable only if the item/photograph pre-dates the mid 1970s, by which time public acceptance of the product was changing. Don't judge the past by the attitudes of the present. '70s or earlier nudes on fur are acceptable if tasteful [not pornographic], but post at your own risk - it's an emotive issue.
Note that this is NOT a rating community. We support having good old-fashioned fun, not shooting people down in flames.
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